Zlatko Kaučič – Diversity (2018)

Zlatko Kaučič - Diversity (2018)
Artist: Zlatko Kaučič
Album: Diversity
Genre: Free Improvisation
Origin: Slovenia
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
CD 1 – Butterfly Wings:
Butterfly Wings #1 (11:13)
Butterfly Wings #2 (12:05)
Butterfly Wings #3 (07:05)
Butterfly Wings #4 (08:23)
Butterfly Wings #5 (05:35)
Butterfly Wings #6 (05:30)
Butterfly Wings #7 (07:47)

CD 2 – Kras:
Kras #1 (12:26)
Kras #2 (19:53)
Kras #3 (12:18)
Kras #4 (11:15)
Kras #5 (04:58)

CD 3 – Rainbow Solitude:
Drive Through Obstacles (04:59)
Tonal Flow (05:45)
Memories (04:02)
Sip Of Story (03:48)
Pokrovček (05:57)
My Home (06:37)
Himna Za Mojo Teto Karlo (03:07)
Predor (05:22)
Mlin (05:22)

CD 4 – Anima:
Jara Kača (10:00)
Nitke (12:37)
Iconic Thoughts (14:29)
Unison Creation (10:32)
Trte (14:37)

CD 5 – Med-Ana:
Med-Ana (11:34)
Med-Ana (03:34)
Med-Ana (08:21)
Med-Ana (08:52)
Med-Ana (02:53)

Šmartno Suita (23:55)


“Diversity” was released on 2018 by “Not Two Records”. Album was recorded by Zlatko Kaučič (ground drums, various percussion, el. zither), Lotte Anker (tenor saxophone), Artur Majewski (trumpet), Rafał Mazur (acoustic bass guitar), Agusti Fernandez (piano), Evan Parker (tenor saxophone) and Johaness Bauer (trombone). The musicians are improvising in different combos and groups – first part of album is the trio of Agusti Fernandez, Zlatko Kaučič and Evan Parker. Trio musicians are faous at world-wide avant-garde jazz scene from numerous collaboration and concerts with other jazz stars, innovative style and unique sound. The second part is a little bit different – here together play Lotte Anker, Artur Majewski, Rafal Mazur and Zlatko Kaučič. The album is consisted from 5 parts – two of them are the solos of Zlatko Kaučič’s, or his duos with Johaness Bauer. There’s a great oportunity to hear out different musicians playing together – all of them are individual and innovative players. The quartet and trio is leaded by Zlatko Kaučič, who is inventive, modern and creative drummer and percussionist. He generates the most part of the ideas, arranges the basics of compositions and keeps the main mood of album. Two parts had been recorded by different players, but still have much in common. It’s anchanting sound, marvelous solos, innovations and traditions – all brought together in colorful and modern way.

“Diversity” has remarkable and inspiring sound. The album is filled with huge amount of styles, expressions, tunes, timbres and expressions. The music is played and spontaneously improvised by great jazz masters. Each of them makes hiw own musical decisions, get on brave adventures or scandalous culminations. Their music is free, engaging, filled with enchanting changes, passionate solos and and crazy ideas. There are 5 parts of this album – it’s a great and exceptional opportunity to hear different ensembles or solos, who base their music on experimental jazz. Basically, avant-garde jazz and its innovations always rests the most important base of compositions. Hot and expressive solos, complicated rhythmic and vivid melodies of modern jazz are added together with contemporary, progressive, fusion and dozens of other jazz styles. Music relates with experimental music and academic avant-garde – these intonations are neutral and subtle, it’s gently joined together to common musical pattern. Expression of dozens of moods, search of extended playing techniques, gorgeous timbres, weird or extravagant ideas or expansion of instruments technical abilities are very important elements of improvising style. That effects bright, luminous, polyphonic and vivacious musical pattern. It’s organic, evocative and composed from dozens of different pieces. Multi-colorful instrumentation, suggestive playing techniques, experiments, special effects, synthetic sounds and other elements create an expressive background. Reeds improvisations always make spectacular, impressive and remarkable melodic section. Tenor saxophones by Lotte Anker and Evan Parker are energetic, luminous and expressive. Though the musicians are playing in different combos, their music still has much in common. Cosy, sweet and romantic melodies with simple rhythmic and classical chords is very uncommon for saxophonists. Both of them like brave, wild and impressive experiments in sounds, instrumentation, styles or expressions section. Crazy ideas, touching solos, growling, hot and sharp melodies, dramatic culminations, rigorous and furious scandals or roaring blow outs – the improvisations frequently have vigilente, aggressive and driving mood. It’s always keep the main melodic line. Lotte Anker plays a little bit more subtly – she gets to sudden sorrows or joyful rising, vivacious and bright melodies, dizzy passages or silent and peaceful excerpts. Evan Parker is much more rapid and expressive – he’s taking on turbulent, suggestive, vibrant and impressive solos made on the spot. Both musicians are marvelous improvisers – they create and keep driving and dynamic mood. Trumpet by Artur Majewsky is luminous, loud and vibrant. Expressions, colors, enchanting solos, dizzy passages, turbulent and marvelous energy’s explosions – all these elements bring vividness, drive, passion and energy to the music. Improviser creates charming instrumentation, combines roots and innovations of avant-garde jazz, gently fuse them with modern and contemporary jazz styles, experimental music and academic avant-garde. He’s not playing together with Johaness Bauer and his trombone, but still makes colorful, attractive and glorious mood of the compositions. Johaness Bauer is playing as a duo with Zlatko Kaučič. Trombonist has unique sound and inventive playing style. Blowings, sparkling roars, vibrant riffs, tremendous blow outs, deep, solemn and solid riffs – all these elements makes a solid melodic section, tight and deep bass line and extracts dozens of unusual timbres. Agusti Fernandez piano is a real bursts of energy. Here improviser plays by his unique, specific and hot playing style and its typical elements. He moves from soft relaxations to breaking and furious scandals, tiny and light pieces straightly to shrieky, hot, passionate and impressive culminations. Expressive and vivid melodies, filled with virtuosic ornaments and dizzy passages, gently go along with breaking rhythmic sessions, repetitive rhythms or chords sequences. It’s agressive, roaring and vibrant burst of energy, mixed up with warm, attractive, sensible, passionate and driving way of playing. Acoustic bass guitar by Rafał Mazur – energetic, deep and vibrant. Improviser tries out extended playing techniques, bright and evocative musical decisions, intense, shrieky, weird or outrageous timbres or special effects. The music is based on virageous, twisting, moving and active solos. Dynamic mood, passion, drive, expression and vividness – all these elements aregently combined with solemn, deep and tight bass line from repetitive tunes. Zlatko Kaučič leads thr drums and percussion section. He’s a masterful improviser and has wonderful and precise playing technique. Improviser puts together expressive melodies, bright and luminous riffs, roaring and trembling arpeggios, colorful and intense glissando, exotic combos, gorgeous timbres and interesting sounds of percussion. Drummer is the leader of all three different combos. He’s also is playing solo in two parts of this album. Wild, bright and moving collective improvisations withgreat jazz masters gives an opportunity to hear this musician in different images and combos. The music of this album is free, bright and expressive.

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