Zachary Breaux – Groovin’ (1992)

Zachary Breaux - Groovin' (1992)
Artist: Zachary Breaux
Album: Groovin’
Genre: Post-Bop, Crossover Jazz, Soul Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 1992
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Coming Home Baby
Alice (Down in Parks Louisiana – August 1906 – August 1991)
Where Is the Love?
Red Black and Greed
Thinking of Alexis


Undeniably Zachary Breaux’s best album, Groovin’ finds the guitarist performing live at Ronnie Scott’s Club — a London venue that many British jazz fans consider England’s equivalent of New York’s Village Vanguard. Some of Breaux’s studio material was smothered by excessive production and didn’t fully demonstrate what a talented soloist he was, but on these soul-jazz, post-bop, and pop-jazz performances, he isn’t worried about fitting into oppressive commercial radio formats. So the improviser is free to stretch out and say what he needs to on material that ranges from John Coltrane’s “Impressions” (which gets a funky, hip-hop-ish makeover) and Ben Tucker’s “Coming Home Baby” to originals like the mellow “Lagos” and the blues number “Alice.” Meanwhile, those who want to hear pop-jazz/NAC music that is soulful instead of boring, contrived, and robotic should check out Breaux’s interpretation of the Roberta Flack/Donny Hathaway hit “Where Is the Love.” The only song on the CD that has nothing to do with jazz is “Red Black and Green,” a lively funk tune that finds singer/vibist Roy Ayers joining Breaux’s quartet. Groovin’ falls short of being a gem, but it’s satisfying and respectable — and it’s clearly the high point of Breaux’s recording career.
Review by Alex Henderson