Wynton Marsalis Septet – Citi Movement (1993)

Wynton Marsalis Septet - Citi Movement (1993)
Artist: Wynton Marsalis Septet
Album: Citi Movement
Genre: Post-Bop, Contemporary Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 1993
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
CD 1:
Hustle Bustle [04:36]
City Beat [10:21]
Daylight Dinosaurs [03:35]
Down the Avenue [04:44]
Stop and Go [05:32]
Nightlife-Highlife (Yas, Yas) [06:07]
How Long [01:05]
I See the Light (vocal) [01:34]
I See the Light (instrumental) [02:10]
Duway Dialogue [00:40]
Dark Heartbeat [08:17]
Cross Court Capers [05:37]
Bayou Baroque [04:13]
Martaniel [08:16]
Spring Yaounde [06:00]

CD 2:
The End [03:04]
The Legend of Buddy Bolden [04:43]
Swingdown, Swingtown [08:59]
Highrise Riff (1, 2, 3, 4) [07:04]
Modern Vistas (As Far as the Eye Can See) [17:19]
Curtain Call [08:49]


This double CD contains Wynton Marsalis’ score for the modern ballet Griot New York. Even more than his trumpet playing, his writing skills had developed quickly during the five years prior to this set. Marsalis’ superb septet (including trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, altoist Wes Anderson, Todd Williams on tenor and soprano, pianist Eric Reed, bassist Reginald Veal, and drummer Herlin Riley) performs the complex and consistently colorful music, which goes through a wide variety of styles (including New Orleans jazz, swing, bop, modal music, and even some sections bordering on the avant-garde). The results are unpredictable, exciting, and quite enjoyable. This is one of Wynton Marsalis’ finest recordings to date.
Review by Scott Yanow