Will Donato – Supersonic (2017)

Will Donato - Supersonic (2017)
Artist: Will Donato
Album: Supersonic
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Self Portrait
Algarve Groove


Popularity can be measured by the acceptance of the audience or the frequency of participation in music recordings. Saxophonist Will Donato can take advantage of both.

His stellar list of recordings includes musicians like Steve Oliver, Steve Reid, Blake Aaron, Al McKay, Greg Karukas, Danny Kusz, Rob Tardik, Alan Hewitt, Todd Ashley, Toni Childs, Gerald Levert and Richard Marx.

He can count to his solo albums Will Power (2004), Will Call (2006), Laws of Attraction (2009), What It Takes (2010), Best Of The Season (2011), Universal Groove (2014) and this year Supersonic.

Will performs on his new album alto saxophone. He received further support in getting this project off the ground by Eddie Riddick, Roberto Vally, Daniel Reese, Günter Asbeck, Darryl Williams (bass), Tateng Katindig, Byron Counts (keyboards), Steve Oliver, Kay-Ta Matsuno, JJ Sansaverino (guitar), Darren Rahn (mixing and programming), Eric Valentine, Gary Stanionis, Thomas Williams, Christian Poezach, Tony Moore, Craig Chestnut (drums), John Reilly (baritone sax), Chase Huna (tenor sax), Tony Guerrero (trumpet) and Diana Donato (percussion).

Groovolution kicks the release off with Donato’s pristine and energetic sax blows. Tateng Katindig shines with elegant phrasings on the keys sharing with Will the infectious flair of the tune. Supersonic spreads party feelings with a stunning horn arrangement in the finest overdub way and a blistering piano solo by Tateng Katindig.

The funk infused Curveball combines elements of smooth jazz with old school funk tweaking the harmonies to a bouncy blast of entertainment. The already solid piece Gravitas is leveled by Katindig’s excellent keyboard performance to an incredibly eclectic tune that finally explodes into Donato’s outburst of sax overkill.

Salsamente offers a sensuous groove of Latin jazz. Tateng adds anew a syncopated punch of flavor. Captivated plays with a Zen-like approach in atmosphere and style of film noir. The focus is on acoustic instrumentation with Roberto Vally on bass as emotional highlight. On Linea Roberto performs a slap bass aptly to Donato’s enthusiastic performance. Tony Guerrero on trumpet catches listeners’ ears.

Self Portrait revels in a melodic theme with the peculiarity of reggae as a rhythmic element. Algarve Groove is inspired by the Algarve Smooth Jazz Festival in Portugal, which takes place this year for the second time. Will was one of the exiting acts on the inaugural Festival last year. Kaleidoscope is an optical instrument with two or more reflecting surfaces inclined to each other in an angle, so that one or more (parts of) objects on one end of the mirrors are seen as a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed from the other end, due to repeated reflection. Donato and Katindig are shimmering on this tune in gloriously multi-hued notes delivering the acoustic consonance to the optical spectacle.

Supersonic is a title, which is boastful but also includes the obligation to complete the claim fully or to a considerable extent. Will Donato fulfills this task with a dream-transforming ease, to which only a professional musician is capable.