Wild Cherry – Play The Funk (2000)

Wild Cherry - Play The Funk (2000)
Artist: Wild Cherry
Album: Play The Funk
Genre: Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 2000
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01-Play That Funky Music
02-Baby Don’t You Know
03-99 1/2
04-Don’t Go Near The Water
05-Electrified Funk
06-Hot To Trot
07-It’s All Up To You
08-It’s The Same Old Song
09-I Love My Music
10-Try A Piece Of My Love


Play That Funk, released in 2005 by Collectables as part of the Priceless Collection series, contains four of Wild Cherry’s five chart hits — one of which has remained popular 30 years on, while the others aren’t particularly memorable. (Unless you count “Baby Don’t You Know,” since it’s so similar to its superior predecessor, “Play That Funky Music.”) This is more than enough Wild Cherry than most need to own. If your only goal is to obtain “Play That Funky Music,” you’d be much better off with any various-artists disco compilation containing it. If it weren’t for “Play That Funky Music,” it’s quite possible that no label would be motivated enough to release a Wild Cherry compilation. (Note: the track listing for this disc is identical to Sony’s Play the Funk. The packaging, and obviously the title, are both very similar as well.)
Review by Andy Kellman

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