Wild Cherry – I Love My Music (1978)

Wild Cherry - I Love My Music (1978)
Artist: Wild Cherry
Album: I Love My Music
Genre: Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 1978
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01-I Love My Music
03-It’s The Same Old Song
04-Try One More Time
05-Don’t Stop, Get Off
06-1 2 3 Kind Of Love
07-No Way Out Love Affair
08-If You Want My Love
09-Fools Fall In Love
10-This Old Heart Of Mine


In the late 1970s, Wild Cherry took a hint from the Ohio Players and favored LP covers that depicted young women in sexy poses. I Love My Music, Cherry’s third album, depicted a scantily clad woman with the band’s name tattooed on her derriere — if that isn’t right out of the Ohio Players’ school of LP-cover erotica, nothing is. But those sexy LP covers didn’t do much for Cherry commercially. More than titillating covers, the band needed a really strong single, and no such thing was to be found on I Love My Music. Nothing on this album is in a class with “Play That Funky Music,” the gem to which all of Cherry’s late 1970s output would inevitably be compared. Still, it’s a decent, if unspectacular, soul/pop/rock release, and the band is likable enough on material that ranges from the driving, Commodores-influenced funk of “Don’t Stop, Get Off” to melodic blue-eyed soul offerings like “Fools Fall in Love,” the ballad “Try One More Time,” and the Motown-ish “1 2 3 Kind of Love.” Cherry’s appreciation of 1960s Motown also asserts itself on covers of the Isley Brothers’ “This Old Heart of Mine” and the Four Tops’ “It’s the Same Old Song,” both of which are competent but definitely fall short of the excellence of the original versions. Like Electrified Funk and Only the Wild Survive, I Love My Music has long been out of print, and the chances of it ever being reissued on CD are slim.
Review by Alex Henderson

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