Wendy Jo Bradshaw – For My Dad (2018)

Wendy Jo Bradshaw - For My Dad (2018)
Artist: Wendy Jo Bradshaw
Album: For My Dad
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Big Band
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
I’ve Got You Under My Skin (3:19)
The More I See You (2:22)
Fly Me To The Moon (3:00)
Our Love Is Here To Stay (2:56)
Stormy Weather (2:58)
Autumn Leaves (2:31)
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (2:00)
Paper Moon (2:01)
I’ll Be Seeing You (2:51)
Sunny Side Of The Street (2:17)
Traveling (Magic Forest Treasure) (5:19)


Wendy Jo Bradshaw is a Nammy (Native American Music Award) Nominated, singer-songwriter, recording artist and author whose throwback sound and sultry, smooth voice takes you on a journey through timeless Jazz & Big Band classics. Her featured Jazz albums For My Dad – Wendy Jo Bradshaw, and Evening Interlude, were both produced by Wendy Jo Bradshaw, and arranged by Lex de Azevedo on piano. Wendy also introduces her original song TRAVELING, which was written and arranged by Wendy. Wendy’s Jazz albums feature unique arrangements of the warm, smoky, jazz style standards from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

Wendy is also an accomplished songwriter and has written and recorded many finely crafted World/Native American songs. Her compositions feature haunting melodies, vocals, and lyrics that she hopes promote peace, harmony, and healing while expressing her love of the Earth and of The People. In her recordings Wendy is accompanied by several well- known American Indian musicians and singers.

Wendy’s warm and upbeat connection with her audience is infectious. Her voice not only sweetly presses upon the senses and pulls a listener towards serenity. Wendy’s has a beautiful and generous heart which is clearly recognized in her music. Her talent is a gift that offers inspiration, hope, and love to the listener.

Influences – Wendy was inspired early in her life by a fortuitous encounter with her childhood idol, Barry Manilow who picked Wendy from an audience of over 12,000 fans to sing on stage with him! It was a life- changing encounter. On stage with Barry, Wendy knew in an instant that the feeling of the stage under her feet was meant for her! She realized that when you connect to people through music the intimacy that can be communicated with one or with thousands is a powerful experience. That magical night, Wendy made up her mind to follow her dream of being a singer-songwriter. In another stroke of luck, Wendy acquired one of Barry Manilow’s autographed pianos, and she named it “Could It Be Magic.” Wendy wrote her very first composition on that magical piano. Since that life changing encounter with Barry Manilow, Wendy has endeavored to create healing music to foster peace within, and harmony throughout.

Producer – Wendy’s original songwriting compositions and recordings include: Traveling (Magic Forest Treasure), A Great Gift, Sacred Fire, You Have The Power, and a variety of children’s music to accompany her Vippi Mouse Treasure Quest book & video series. Vippi Mouse inspires children to discover the most valuable treasures in the universe – THEMSELVES, a treasure that is greater than gold!

Wendy’s Vippi Mouse Character and her video book series include: When I Grow Up, Always A Solution, Just In Time (A Birthday Tale), Space Shuttle Recovery and Special Delivery. Wendy’s latest creation is a video book with song titled, A Very Important Power, and it is about Bullying Prevention and Kindness.

Music Career – In 2001, Wendy founded Spirit West Studios, a successful commercial recording studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she recorded clients such as Andrew Lane, Donny Osmond, Austin Wintory, David Archeletta, Peter Kater, Lex de Azevedo and Snoop Dog, to name just a few. She successfully ran the business for ten years, until, for health reasons, she sold her studio to pay medical bills. Along with singing, Wendy also uses her talents to teach children about kindness and bullying prevention.