Victor Janusz Band – Cafe Pluvieux (2018)

Victor Janusz Band - Cafe Pluvieux (2018)
Artist: Victor Janusz Band
Album: Cafe Pluvieux
Genre: Jazz-Pop
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Don’t Start the Show Without Me
Cafe Pluvieux
Night and Day
Prince of Piece of Mind
Sous Le Ciel De Paris
Over the Rainbow
Soldier On
I Saw the Light
Crescent Noon
Le Baiser (French Kiss)


With six, original tunes, Janusz juxtaposes global unrest of 2018 with 1940s-France….
Says Janusz… “I am intrigued by the emotional weight of profound change –upheavals that force individuals
to define their beliefs, their sense of justice…their humanity. I want these songs to touch people deeply… people from all walks”

Janusz’ title track (“Cafe Pluvieux”) sets the tone: Four people walk into a Cafe –are they strangers?
Or co-workers? Are they planning a party to lift their spirits? Or an assassination? Are we in Paris-1944 during
the final collapse of the Occupation? –Or Seattle 2018, planning a march? The record includes Janusz’ high-stepping “Don’t Start the Show without Me!” the hard-driving “Prince of Piece of Mind”, and the more subdued “Soldier On” and “Saint Malo”–the latter a duet inspired by Anthony Doerr’s Pultizer-winning book “All the Light We Cannot See”. Standards by Cole Porter and Harold Arlen, and imaginative covers of Todd Rundgren, Carpenters, and U2 round out this 2018 Release.

VJ Band’s most serendipitous, eclectic offering to date! An adventurous follow-up to “Living In A Blue State” (2015), “Cosmo Street” (2005) and “Hands Solo” (2002). Spencer Hoveskeland (Upright Double Bass, Guitar), Steve White (Congas, Percussion), Jacques Willis (Vibes, Percussion), Roberston Witmer (Accordion), and more guests!

“You might say working and creating this album became a survival tool” —Victor Janusz.