VA – Tribute in Bossa to The Beatles (2010)

VA - Tribute in Bossa to The Beatles (2010)
Artist: Various
Album: Tribute in Bossa to The Beatles
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Bossa Nova
Released: 2010
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Monique Kessous – Come Together (4:00)
02. Monique Kessous – A Hard Day’s Night (2:42)
03. Barbara Mendes – Help (3:29)
04. Lulu Joppert – Got to Get You into My Life (3:47)
05. Tahta Menezes – Day Tripper (4:19)
06. Marcela Mangabeira – We Can Work It Out (3:31)
07. Monique Kessous – Yesterday (2:25)
08. Maria Augusta – Penny Lane (2:55)
09. Monique Kessous – Hey Jude (3:37)
10. Eduardo Braga – Eleanor Rigby (3:03)
11. Tahta Menezes – Can’t Buy Me Love (3:08)
12. Monique Kessous – She Loves You (3:52)
13. Taryn Szpilman – Ticket to Ride (3:04)
14. Cris Delanno – Something (2:46)
15. Marcela Mangabeira – Let It Be (4:35)


The Beatles’ catalog is full of sturdy, melodic songs that are so well-written and crafted that they are amazingly adaptable, capable of being played and sung in a variety of styles, from polka version to baroque chamber style and seemingly every stop in between. This bright, soothing set collects several Beatle classics done in bossa nova style, and yes, the songs hold up well, particularly Monique Kessous’ surprisingly effective cover of “Come Together,” Lulu Joppert’s breezy “Got to Get You into My Life,” Tanta Menezes’ jaunty “Day Tripper,” and a lush and jazzy take on “Ticket to Ride” from Taryn Szpilman.
Review by Steve Leggett