VA – Smooth Jazz Tribute To Shalamar (2013)

VA - Smooth Jazz Tribute To Shalamar (2013)
Artist: Various
Album: Smooth Jazz Tribute To Shalamar
Genre: Smooth Jazz / Soul
Released: 2013
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Second Time Around (3:29)
This Is For The Lover In You (3:35)
I’m For Real (4:03)
This Love Is Forever (4:23)
There It Is (4:16)
Everything (3:59)
Make That Move (3:49)
I Can Make You Feel Good (4:02)
A Night To Remember (3:45)
Friends (3:57)
Love Dreams (Original Song Inspired By Shalamar) (3:30)


Another one of the CC Entertainment label’s smooth jazz tributes, the volume honoring Shalamar was performed by the Smooth Jazz All Stars, the label’s uncredited “group” responsible for cranking out dozens of similar sets. As usual, the results here sounds cheap and mindless, with some of the group’s most notable hits — including “There It Is,” “A Night to Remember,” “Second Time Around,” and “I Can Make You Feel Good” — played with little energy and none of the finesse of the Leon Sylvers-produced originals. For whatever reason, there’s an original here, titled “Love Dreams,” that has a little more life to it but quickly fades into the background.
Review by Andy Kellman