VA – From Ragtime To Jazz Vol. 4 (1896-1922)

VA - From Ragtime To Jazz Vol. 4 (1896-1922)
Artist: Various
Album: From Ragtime To Jazz Vol. 4 (1896-1922)
Genre: Ragtime, Early Jazz
Released: 2006
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Mr. Steve Clemens – Darkys Patrol
Messrs. Cullen & Collins – Eli Green’s Cakewalk
Mr. Vess L. Ossman – Ethiopean Mardi Gras
Kendle’s First Regt. Band – Cotton Blossoms
Messrs. Cantrell & Williams – Bye Bye My Honey
Messrs. Cantrell & Williams – All Coons Look Alike To Me
Mr. Olly Oakley – Coon Songs
Columbia Orchestra – Peaceful Henry (A Slow Drag)
Mr. Charlie Rogers – Smokey Mokes
Arthur Pryor’s Band – Razzazza Mazzazza (A Rag Time Two-Step)
Bert Williams – Play That Barber Shop Chord
Mr. Jospeh Batten – The Nigger’s Hop
The London Orchestra – Oh That Ragged Rag
Van Epps – The Junk Man Rag Medley
Hedges Brothers & Jacobson – Land Of Cotton
Joan Sawyer’s Persian Garden Orchestra – Bregeiro
Ciro’s Club Coon Orchestra – I Can Dance With Everybody Except My Wife
Frisco “Jass” Band – Cute Wigglin’ Dance
Violin & Piano Duet – The Dixie Volunteers
Honey Land Jazz Band – Steve
Al Bernard, Tenor With Kansas Jazz Boys – Bluin’ The Blues
The Versatile Four – What Do You Mean By Loving Somebody Else When Your Love Belongs To Me
Joseph Samuel’s Jazz Band – Dreaming Blues
Art Hickman’s New York London 5 – When My Baby Smiles At Me
Walter R. Johnson, James A. Murray’s Colored Syncopated Harmony Kings – What Could Be Sweeter Dear
Frank Banta – Wild Cherry Rag
Ethel Waters’ Jazz Masters – Tiger Rag