Tyrone Jackson – From The Mind Of Tyrone Jackson (2018)

Tyrone Jackson - From The Mind Of Tyrone Jackson (2018)
Artist: Tyrone Jackson
Album: From The Mind Of Tyrone Jackson
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. F.T.M.O (4:46)
02. Come Together (4:32)
03. Scenario ( 5:39)
04. Anyone Who Had A Heart (5:03)
05. Go Higher (5:41)
06. By Chance (10:03)
07. Doot Doot (4:01)
08. Benin Intro (1:49)
09. Benin (8:20)
10. Love Is A Game (4:18)
11. Misery Loves Company (6:15)
12. Tangled (5:19)
13. Inner City Blues (Make We Wanna Holler) (4:58)
14. F.T.M.O. Reprise (1:22)


In life we have all met people that stand out for one reason or another (be it positive or negative). Then, if we’re fortunate, we cross paths with excellence, high vision, professionalism, and extreme talent. This describes pianist Tyrone Jackson. This recording is just a mere appetizer of what he brings to the table musically, but yet after listening to “From The Mind Of” you feel totally satisfied but have the question like “Who Is This Man?”, “Where did he come from?”, and “Why doesn’t he have a household name?”-The answers are simple; his name is Tyrone Jackson,he is from New Orleans, and lastly the answer is because everything happens when It’s time. With the unveiling Of F.T.M.O., you will now know him and won’t soon forget his name. This recording takes you on a journey that makes you feel like you need a passport. It’s a sophisticated, groove oriented masterpiece and you will listen and want to keep playing it over and over. In my opinion Tyrone Jackson will be the next Quincy Jones with touches of George Duke and this recipe is one that the world will be enjoying for eternity. EC3