Ty Causey – God Is Love (2017)

Ty Causey - God Is Love (2017)
Artist: Ty Causey
Album: God Is Love
Genre: Smooth Jazz / Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
You Love Me For Me 04:26
We Got To Pray 03:53
You Took The Fall For Me 04:12
God Is Love 03:59
Better On The Other Side 03:22
Lord Give Me Your Vision 03:56
God Said Let There Be Light 03:41
Change Some Thangs 03:51
I’m Gonna Wait 03:27
Upside-Down Inside-Out 03:24


Ty Causey is a renderer of the love song. His smooth and smoky baritone along with his instrumental arrangements put a contemporary sheen on a musical era that gave us the likes of Glenn Jones and Freddy Jackson.

Causey is also a deeply spiritual and religious man, and while there may be artists for whom fans would do a double take or arch an eyebrow if they released a project of original gospel songs, Causey is not one of them. His fans see no contradiction between the Ty Causey who sings love songs to his lady and the Ty Causey who uses his vocal gifts to sing songs love and devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ, as he does on his latest album, God Is Love.

That is likely because Causey extolls the kind of values and sensibilities in a secular track such as “Be A Man About It,” from his 2016 album Tyangles that parishioners hear coming from pulpits every Sunday. In short, a project such as God Is Love goes way beyond being a business decision for my fellow Hoosier.

The Causey formula of adding gospel lyrics to his signature smooth funk arrangements gives listeners a better appreciation of the range of styles the singer incorporates. “You Love Me For Me,” sports a mid-tempo swing that is augmented by jazz touches on the guitar. The album’s best track is the funky, up-temp “I’m Gonna Wait,” a track where Causey sings about his confidence in remaining patient for God’s rewards. “I must admit it ain’t easy/Sometimes I feel like giving up/But the Holy Spirit keeps whispering/My grace for you is good enough.”

The title, track is a mid-tempo stepper’s anthem while the ballad “God Said Let There Be Light” is the song that most clearly allows listeners to hear Causey’s vocal range, as well as his expert phrasing.

Causey has crafted a reputation as a productive and consistent artist whose music hearkens back to a loved era of R&B. The irony is those production techniques might help Causey stand out in a gospel music market where vocalists are exploring everything from mumble rap to contemporary R&B. It also helps that he has something to say, and says it well. Strongly Recommended.
By Howard Dukes