Trish Hatley – On The Quiet Side (2007)

Trish Hatley - On The Quiet Side (2007)
Artist: Trish Hatley
Album: On The Quiet Side
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
I Get Along Without You Very Well
You Must Believe in Spring
So Many Stars
You Don’t Know Me
Where Do You Start?
I’m Not Alone
Lush Life
Love Dance
That’s All


There definitely must be something in the water up here in the Pacific Northwest that aids in breeding outstanding female jazz singers because we do have quite a number of them. Close to the top of the list has got to be Trish Hatley by any standards you choose (no pun intended). Aside from the technical aspects of possessing a wonderful vocal instrument, great control of her entire range, and singing with consistently laser guided intonation, Trish’s ability to get inside the emotional core of everything she sings without resorting to bathetic obvious musical tricks is definitely a God given gift. This is really evident to me on the great Johnny Mandel song “Where Do You Start” and Michel Legrand’s “You Must Believe In Spring”. “I Get Along Without You Very Well” is set in a poignant duet with pianist Darin Clendenin.

Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life” is an all time standard that many singers attempt, but few succeed in not crashing and burning while trying. However, Trish knocks this one out of the park! Every song included here is a pearl, but Ivan Lins’ “Love Dance” is one of my personal favorites of the past 20 years and Trish’s reading of it is flawless.

Being an arranger /producer myself, I must give a tip of the hat to the excellent production values on display all through the CD. Darin Clendenin contributes several sensitive and uncluttered string backgrounds in addition to his excellent pianistic work, and John Caper Jr. and Larry Holloway both keep a finely tuned hand ( or ear ) to the details.
Finally, David Lange contributes his crystalline recording and mixing expertise to the project (as he always does !).

For lovers of vocal jazz, this CD has gotta be on the “must buy” list!

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