Tobias Wiklund – Where The Spirits Eat (2019)

Tobias Wiklund - Where The Spirits Eat (2019)
Artist: Tobias Wiklund
Album: Where The Spirits Eat
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Modern Creative
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Where the Spirits Eat (3:50)
Dancing to the Drum of No Conscience (7:14)
Song of the Vipers (2:26)
Smoke (8:12)
The Janitor (1:19)
Mycket Viktigt Meddelande (7:08)
Saved by You (4:29)
Beefroot Interlude (1:01)
Beefroot (5:09)
Weather Bird Rag (2:14)
Waking up on Buffalo Hill (5:45)
City in the Sky (6:45)


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