Tini Thomsen’s MaxSax – Shift (2019)

Tini Thomsen's MaxSax - Shift (2019)
Artist: Tini Thomsen’s MaxSax
Album: Shift
Genre: Jazz-Funk / Fusion
Origin: Germany
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
King Of Diamonds 08:06
Shift 06:32
The Gospel Tune 05:13
Little Lily’s Shoes 04:04
Happy Segment Day 05:43
Planet Funk 01:40
Big Boys 05:46
Bitter Sweet Harmony 05:04
Petal #6 02:09
Walk 04:32


Tini Thomsen originally hails from Hamburg but more recently has been based in Amsterdam. Shift is the third album released by MaxSax. King of Diamonds sets the tone and hits the listener straight away with high energy performance over a driving rock-style beat from Kroon’s powerhouse drumming. Shift features more of Hitchcock’s alto, but maintains the rhythmic drive of the opening track. The Gospel Tune has a slower, more laid back (well, gospel) feel with interesting interplay between both the saxes and Trapp’s guitar. Little Lily’s Shoe brings us back to driving four time.

Happy Segment Day is in a funkier groove, with subtle melodic effects from both alto and baritone horns. Planet Funk (at least I assume this is the title of the 6th track despite what appears to be a typo on the CD cover where a “c” replaces the “n” of funk!) is the shortest track on the album at 1:38, but is probably the heaviest so far (in rock guitar terms that is). Big Boys starts in a similar vein. It’s probably no surprise that these two tracks are from the pen of Tom Trapp, who also composed the first track. The remaining tracks are Thomsen compositions. Bitter Sweet Harmony benefits from Miles Bould’s impressive array of percussive implements imparting an Afro-jazz feel. Petal#6 (jointly composed by Thomsen and Nigel Hitchcock) is addressed to all MaxSax fans and is partly vocalised and partly “spoken” through alto and baritone saxophones. Walk completes the CD.
Review by Hugh C