Tigist Ejigu – Kerehugn (2002)

Tigist Ejigu - Kerehugn (2002)
Artist: Tigist Ejigu
Album: Kerehugn
Genre: Piano Solo, Classical, World Fusion
Origin: Ethiopia
Released: 2002
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Almetam Kerehugn (I’m Not Coming Back)
Keber Temesgene (Thanks God)
Flagote (My Desire)
Befeker Menged Lai (On the Road of Love)
Kehonelish Melkam (If It Is Good for You)
Beber Aygezam (You Can’t Buy Love by Money)
Lela Alayim (I’m Not Looking Anyone Except You)
Yefikir Wegagen (The Hope of Love)
Min Agegnesh Wedia (What Did You Find There)