Throttle Elevator Music – Jagged Rocks (2015)

Throttle Elevator Music - Jagged Rocks (2015)
Artist: Throttle Elevator Music
Album: Jagged Rocks
Genre: Jazz Rock / Fusion
Origin: USA
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Circulation 02:18
Liminal State 04:04
Doesn’t Matter Know 03:28
Cover Up 03:28
Breaking Dishes 02:45
Across The Equinox 03:03
Upper Deck 02:52
One Step Ahead 05:05
Endless Array 02:16
Sun Spot 05:00
Traffic Study 01:59
Testimonial 02:29
Kalim 02:03
Second Thought 01:59
Iconoclast 02:46
Off Broadway 03:34


Jagged Rocks is the third studio album by contemporary jazz group Throttle Elevator Music since the group first started recording music in 2012. Throttle Elevator Music comprises West Coast jazz musicians, including Matt Montgomery and emerging star Kamasi Washington, who has a solo career and was recently featured on Kendrick Lamar’s smash hit To Pimp a Butterfly.

Jagged Rocks is 16 tracks of loud, up-tempo jazz. One might mistake it for an instrumental rock album if it weren’t for Kamasi Washington’s melodic tenor-sax solos on nearly every track. Also at the forefront of the production are the drums and the guitars, which wouldn’t sound out of place on a garage-rock recording, as exemplified by tracks such as “Doesn’t Matter Now,” “Kalim,” and “Breaking Dishes.”

This thoroughly enjoyable album never gets boring and never loses energy–worth a look for all jazz fans, especially those wanting a strong influx of energy into their playlists.
by Scott Korinke