Threestyle – Smooth N Chill (2016)

Threestyle - Smooth N Chill (2016)
Artist: Threestyle
Album: Smooth N Chill
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: Germany
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. On The Cusp Of Emotion 04:34
02. Above Us 04:50
03. Electric Outskirts 05:17
04. Mediterranean Air 03:57
05. So Long 04:19
06. Gyre Wire 05:07
07. Syncopated Life (Live) 04:48
08. By My Side 04:28
09. Time To Play 05:00
10. Versatile Mind 03:51
11. Finding Someone 05:06
12. Get It Here 04:23
13. Spectrum Of Harmony 04:40


Threestyle, and their efforts produce a “triple crossover,” as it were. Are they smooth jazz, lounge or chill? This is where one stops and realizes the best way to label their self-produced original music is to do what comes naturally: trust your ears. For certain, Magdalena Chovancova and Robert Fertl are gifted musicians, and they’re joined in the studio (and in live performances) by equally talented contributors. So, prepare for some enjoyment and forget any debate of genre. Savor Threestyle, as I do. Roberto Q. Dias – journalist and music enthusiast – Tampa /Florida.

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