Threestyle feat. Magdalena Chovancova – Smooth Ride (2017)

Threestyle feat. Magdalena Chovancova - Smooth Ride (2017)
Artist: Threestyle feat. Magdalena Chovancova
Album: Smooth Ride
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: Germany
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
A Little Longer
Road to Monterey
Like Butta Baby
Days Gone By
Cascais Breeze
Let’s Stay Together
Love for a Reason
Back in da House
Nice to Be Here
Smooth Ride
Like Butta Baby (Vocal Version)
A Little Longer (Radio Edit)


With their can’t-miss custom blend of delicious smooth jazz, the constantly escalating German-based duo Threestyle, featuring sexy Czech saxtress Magdalena Chovancova and her super smooth guitarist partner Robert Fertl, are back once again (you can count on these two producing some great original grooves every year or two) with their latest release, Smooth Ride, a very appetizing, seductive charm-filled album of the stuff that keeps smooth jazz so appealing.

This collection of originals (and one cover – Al Green’s immortal “Let’s Stay Together”) finds the duo drawing help from such luminaries as bassist Jimmy Haslip and guitarists/producers Nils and Paul Brown, as well as bassist Roberto Vally and drummer/drum programmer Jeff Carruthers and a host of others. Together, they put together a recipe of smooth jazz that’s too palatable to resist.

The album begins with the suave and easy “A Little Longer” which makes way for the immediately following track, “Road to Monterey,” which pretty much sets the tenor for the entire album — a cool, casual cruise along Smooth Jazz Highway with lots of melody and charm. In fact, the third track, “Like Butta,” actually speaks volumes in terms of direction and tone for this album whose theme has to simply be “steady as she goes.” Contagiously genuine and sexy. The one track that might be perceived as temporarily jumping out of the character of this project is “Back in Da House.” With a title like that, need I tell you what kind of groove to expect? That’s right, find your party shoes.

With their collective finger consistently on the pulse of the genre, Threestyle makes certain that they are always standing squarely at the front door of this music, confidently knowing that it will open immediately upon their knock. Walk in with them, and get some of this vibe running through your veins. Oh yes, the ride is smooth, and the feel is oh-so-right. – Ronald Jackson