Thor De Force – The Build (2020)

Thor De Force - The Build (2020)
Artist: Thor De Force
Album: The Build
Genre: Jazz-Funk, Fusion, Nu Jazz
Origin: Denmark / USA
Released: 2020
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Machinuck [01:48]
62 Avenue C (feat. Stunn Gunn) [03:15]
Majestic Spectacle (feat. Abdullah S) [03:35]
Undo I (feat. Lis Wessberg) [02:28]
Essence Omnipresence (feat. Abdullah S) [03:17]
New Stella (feat. Abdullah S, Lis Wessberg & Mads Michelsen) [03:01]
Fifth Heaven (feat. Lis Wessberg, Mads Michelsen & Stunn Gunn) [03:48]
Rug That Ties The Room [02:59]
Inner Game (feat. Abdullah S & Lis Wessberg) [02:30]
Out Of Itself (feat. Abdullah S, Benjamin Kissi, Boe Larsen & Mads Michelsen) [03:23]
Blue Bear (feat. Abdullah S) [02:56]
Spiral Knowledge [03:16]


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