The Temprees – Lovemen (1972)

The Temprees - Lovemen (1972)
Artist: The Temprees
Album: Lovemen
Genre: Soul / Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 1972
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Explain It To Her Mama (2:50)
If I Could Say What’s On My Mind (4:22)
(Girl) I Love You (3:38)
I Love You, You Love Me (4:00)
We’ve Only Just Begun (5:39)
Dedicated To The One I Love (6:42)
My Baby Love (2:53)
I’m For You, You For Me (4:45)
Love… Can Be So Wonderful (3:59)


The Memphis, TN. balladeers’ finest LP. Lead singer Jasper “Jabo” Phillips, Dale Juan Calvin, and Harold Scott put the “l” in “lush.” Only two fast numbers are on Lovemen. “Explain It to Her Mama” and “My Baby Love” are both tight, but are not the caliber of the slow jams. Without a lot of fanfare, the Temprees recorded some of the ’70s’ sweetest soul music. “If I Can Say What’s on My Mind” really hits home; men and women can relate to the message which depicts the innocence of attraction and the inability to say what you really mean. “Girl I Love You, You Love Me” is a love vow with an exclamation point; it sounds like a lyric you’d write after a passionate love session. Their version of “Dedicated to the One I Love” is the definitive version; you won’t find a better rendition of the super ballad and quiet storm staple. They’re too tender to be dudes on “Love…Can Be So Wonderful,” a silky-smooth soul waltz powered by a prominent organ that will rip your heart out. As sweet as the Temprees were, they were virtually ignored at Stax, and continue to be slighted in the reissue market; a good compilation CD is way overdue.
Review by Andrew Hamilton