The Mighty Sceptres – All Hail the Mighty Sceptres! (2015)

The Mighty Sceptres - All Hail the Mighty Sceptres! (2015)
Artist: The Mighty Sceptres
Album: All Hail the Mighty Sceptres!
Genre: Soul / Funk
Origin: UK
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Siren Call [00:04:10]
I Found The Letter [00:03:15]
Shy As A Butterfly [00:03:36]
Just Didn’t Mean It [00:03:05]
Jerk Chicken [00:03:09]
Nothing Seems To Work Right [00:04:40]
Sting Like A Bee [00:02:58]
You’re Nothing But A Pack Of Cards [00:04:06]
Gentle Refrain [00:03:33]
Land Of Green Ginger [00:04:18]
Krazy Kat (Feat. Ian Dunlop) [00:03:09]
That Ol’ Feelin’ [00:02:44]
We Got A Problem [00:03:34]


British retro-soul band the Mighty Sceptres deliver an eclectic range of old-school sounds on their debut album. Led by guitarist Nick Radford and vocalist Angeline Morrison (who previously collaborated in the groups Frootful and Angeline Morrison & the Ready Cats), the Mighty Sceptres make it their business to capture an authentic tone. They don’t skimp on the details — from using period instruments and classic-style arrangements to hiring vintage recording equipment to replicate the timeless rhythm & blues sounds of the ’50s and soul grooves of the ’60s — and add a dash of Jamaican rhythms for flavor. The group’s singles earned them a reputation on the U.K. soul underground, and All Hail the Mighty Sceptres! offers a full dose of their passionate take on R&B and soul, buffered by Morrison’s rich, sensuous vocals.
Review by Mark Deming

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