The JT Project – Moments Of Change (2016)

The JT Project - Moments Of Change (2016)
Artist: The JT Project
Album: Moments Of Change
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Overdrive 04:02
02. Nw Style 03:52
03. Talk About It 04:21
04. Good Ole’ Jim 04:20
05. Limbo 03:36
06. Moments Of Change 03:42
07. Holding On To Love 03:54
08. Daddy/Miss You 04:09
09. Don’t Blink 03:40
10. Love Passion Correspondence 04:08
11. Missed Call 00:48
12. Talia 07:06
13. Song For KG 06:55


Trippin N Rhythm’s The JT Project, a musical collective out of the Big Apple (NYC), brings us its 5th album here with Moments of Change, an album of energy and smooth charm. Led by multi-instrumentalist/producer Jacob Webb and saxman/flutist/producer Todd Schefflin, the group demonstrates that it has a solid hold on creativity in the pocket.

Lots of dance grooves and melodic seduction abound on this project. From the infectious lead track “Overdrive” to the mid-tempo, melodic and saxilicious “NW Style” to the floor-scorching “Talk About It” to the up-tempo and rather bluesy “Good Ol’ Jim” to the soft and romantic “Holding on to Love” (which sets a mean atmosphere for that tender mood, especially with the call of the flugelhorn and sax being so prominent and irresistibly right).

It became quite evident to me that the track “Daddy I Miss You,” with its rather melancholy yet, at the same time, somewhat lilting rhythm and melody and unspoken words, is a tribute to someone’s beloved father. Quite a homage indeed – seemingly as celebratory as it is somber.

There is much to enjoy here as there is a good dose of eclecticism. The JT Project obviously wanted to be certain to reach out and feel the collective pulse of all jazzers and produce a project that spoke to all of them in some way, shape, or fashion. There’s soul, smooth jazz, fusion, traces of straight-ahead, and more. A little something for all of the discerning ears in jazzland. Sink your ears into this one and take away from it what you will…and I’m sure there will be something here just for you.
by Ronald Jackson

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