The JT Project – Another Chance (2017)

The JT Project - Another Chance (2017)
Artist: The JT Project
Album: Another Chance
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Another Chance 03:39
Give Me the Heat 04:23
Love Language 04:07
Segue 08:40
Lifelong Journey 04:17
Open Your Eyes 04:04
Watch Out 03:26
Po’ Boy 03:57
Sunlight 06:22
Breath 03:53
Louisa 03:49
The Last Time 03:34
Hard Song 04:30
Pure Intentions 03:47
Windows 04:26


Saxman/flautist/composer/producer Todd Schefflin and keyboardist/bassist/composer/producer Jason Webb – aka The JT Project – have to be a source of pride for the Trippin N Rhythm record label. Not wishing to let their musical groove subside for even much more than a year (having released their previous release, Moments of Change, in March 2016), the duo now releases Another Chance, a silky ride along that cool stretch on Smooth and Charismatic Ave., located there in your town. You know the place. You’ve spent enough time there to recognize this familiar style of jazz and meet the sounds of groups like this. This is snappy, relaxing, and classy buoyancy coupled with casual rhythms that conjure up images of island breezes, walks along the beach, cruises along long, winding roads, and dining in jazz-influenced settings similar to N’Orleans, as well as chic New York lounges and Brazilian hangouts. Yep, it’s all here.

There’s a mood here for everyone. Tunes like the lead and title track, “Give Me the Heat,” “Love Language,” and “Open Your Eyes” have that familiar snap, crackle, and pop while tracks like “Segue” have the cool, sophisticated groove working, and “Lifelong Journey” and “Watch Out” bring that island rhythm and flavor home. “Po Boy” mixes a touch of funk in with that classy club vibe. Then, there’s a light, romantic made-for-candlelight track called, ironically “Sunlight,” that switches gears to a kickin’ little dance tempo. Clever.

So much is done here with finesse and a meticulous approach to production. Unlike some artists who simply perform and record and project that funky dance groove that often blurs the line between smooth jazz and R&B (an increasingly troublesome dilemma, in my opinion), these guys come off as artists who would fit well in a music school teaching environment as they seem incredibly wedded to the exactness of good solid jazz with bounce, sass, and feel. That should be a priceless intangible for aspiring jazz students everywhere.

There’s a lot more music here, and I invite you to grab a listen. If you’re not yet fans of this duo, this just might the project that makes you one. Great eclectic effort with lots of poise. – Ronald Jackson