The James Kōb Experience – So Right (2016)

The James Kōb Experience - So Right (2016)
Artist: The James Kōb Experience
Album: So Right
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Because Of You 05:19
02. Always In The Summer 06:12
03. So Right 04:50
04. Special Someone 03:39
05. When We Dream 05:11
06. You Belong To Me 05:42
07. If I Could 04:16
08. Get Myself Together 05:50
09. I Know 05:08
10. Never Say Goodbye 04:22
11. Get Myself Together (Instrumental) 05:49


James Kob wrote both the music and lyrics for this album of fresh and vibrant material. He doesn’t sing; he leaves that to Danielle Field and Maria Schafer as they take turns in front of an expanding and contracting band which includes Mark Haley/dr, Dan Hall/b, Bobby Cruz/p with Kob himself bringing in the acoustic guitar. Tripp Sprague’s breathy tenor sax teams with warm strings for Schafer’s upbeat voice on “Because of You” and she is winsome with percussion and Sprague’s soprano on “So Right.” There’s a pastoral beauty on “When We Dream” while some folksy pedal steel guitar by Rick Schmidt gives an indie Nashville feel for Schafer on “You Belong To Me” and Field on “Special Someone.” A gloriously melancholy “Get Myself Together” is present with and without lyrics, with Gil Castellanos’ laconic flugelhorn winning out. Rich thoughts and themes here.
by George W. Harris

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