The Adam Meckler Orchestra – Magnificent Madness (2019)

The Adam Meckler Orchestra - Magnificent Madness (2019)
Artist: The Adam Meckler Orchestra
Album: Magnificent Madness
Genre: Crossover Jazz, Big Band
Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Magnificent Madness (10:14)
Let’s Live (8:01)
Let’s Live – Part Two (feat. Harjinder, J.D. Steele) (3:36)
Jennsong (8:24)
Our Death Under Your Pillow (feat. Toki Wright, Cameron Kinghorn) (4:40)
Fall Leaves and Apple Trees (13:07)
The Tao of Heavy D (feat. Rex Richardson) (6:36)


The Adam Meckler Orchestra (AMO) is an 18 piece ensemble that plays the original music of trumpeter and composer Adam Meckler. Though the band is founded in the traditions of jazz, it blends soul, R&B, hip-hop, and pop music to achieve it’s unique and grooving sound. The AMO released their debut album “When The Clouds Look Like This” in 2014 to critical acclaim. Later that year, it was listed by iTunes as one of 2014’s best jazz releases.

The AMO follows their debut release with “Magnificent Madness”, an album that explores collaborations with Hip Hop artists Toki Wright (Rhymesayers) and Harjinder (Fatbook), as well as vocalist Cameron Kinghorn (Nooky Jones), multi-Grammy award winning vocalist J.D. Steele (Prince, Donald Fagen, George Clinton, The Sounds of Blackness), and International trumpet soloist Rex Richardson. When not conducting the AMO, Adam performs regularly with The Hornheads (Prince), Youngblood Brass Band, Nooky Jones, and teaches trumpet and jazz at Macalester College, and MacPhail Center for Music. Meckler is an Edwards Instrument Co. Performing Artist and Clinician

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