Tauk – Shapeshifter I: Construct (2018)

Tauk - Shapeshifter I: Construct (2018)
Artist: Tauk
Album: Shapeshifter I: Construct
Genre: Jazz Rock, Fusion
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Square 2
For Laughing Out Loud
Stranger Danger


The age-old dilemma for musicians who thrive in the live setting is trying to figure out how to take the sounds and experiences they magically produce spur of the moment and capture it on record. While it was no easy task, heavy instrumental rock fusion group TAUK did an exemplary job at taking what makes them pop as a live band and showcasing their unique sound with a fresh batch of compositions for their new EP, Shapeshifter I: Construct.

Listening to the EP, the first thing that comes to mind is how strikingly appropriate the Shapeshifter name is. The band is constantly changing their style from track to track, as well as within smaller parts of their meticulously well written compositions. Within a matter of minutes, the band weaves through movements that draw inspiration from a variety of genres from jazz, metal and hard rock to techno, reggae and hip hop. While this may sound like one large sensory overload, TAUK does a fantastic job of blending unlikely melodies and expressions while producing a sound that flows effortlessly and keeps the listener highly engaged.

If the album did not sound so clean, it would not be crazy to think that each track was taken from a live show. The band does a pristine job emulating their live sound in the studio to the point where, if you close your eyes as you are listening, you can imagine yourself dancing along to the tracks in an imaginary theater with blue and green lights flashing around. TAUK’s unique blend of textured soundscapes and high energy compositions keeps the listener on their toes, constantly fascinated and curious as to when the second Shapeshifter will be released.
By Ryan Randazzo