Susie Arioli Swing Band – Learn To Smile Again (2005)

Susie Arioli Swing Band - Learn To Smile Again (2005)
Artist: Susie Arioli Swing Band
Album: Learn To Smile Again
Genre: Neo-swing
Origin: Canada
Released: 2005
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

1. By the Time I Get to Phoenix – 3:40
2. Less and Less – 4:41
3. Husbands and Wives – 3:49
4. By Myself – 3:13
5. Night Flight – 6:25
6. Half a Mind – 3:57
7. A Million Years or So – 2:54
8. A World I Can’t Live In – 3:26
9. Ruler of My Heart – 3:24
10. Don’t We All Have the Right – 2:23
11. Leo’s Blues – 4:17


While singer Susie Arioli and guitarist Jordan Officer usually team up for renditions of Django Reinhardt-flavored swing classics, Learn to Smile Again is a change of pace. Most of the repertoire is taken from the book of Roger Miller (although “King of the Road” is bypassed), and this is a surprisingly natural fit since both Arioli (who has a quietly beautiful voice) and Officer have a real feel for vintage country/pop/folk music. Assisted by rhythm guitar, bass, quiet percussion, and the background vocals of Jason and Sheldon Valleau, this lyrical and heartfelt effort (which also includes two originals and the vintage “By Myself”) is an offbeat success, logical in hindsight if not inevitable.
Review by Scott Yanow