Susan Weinert Band – Crunch Time (1994)

Susan Weinert Band - Crunch Time (1994)
Artist: Susan Weinert Band
Album: Crunch Time
Genre: Jazz Fusion
Origin: Germany
Released: 1994
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Don’t try that again 05:04
02. Hopeless Case 06:21
03. Dont You Know Any Nice Songs 03:18
04. One For George 06:10
05. Member Of The Syndicate 03:52
06. The Crown 04:28
07. He Knows 3:59
08. Pacific Palisades 05:13
09. Maybe 07:25
10. Guess Who Called 00:48


For rockin’ jazz fusion and passionate jazz guitar, Germany’s Susan Weinert, has my vote as the genre’s reigning queen — Jane Getter being hot on her heels. Weinert is explosive, versatile, power-punching, inventive, brazen yet warmly soulful in a multitude of sensuous chops and furious licks. Be it phrasings, timing sense, instrument voicings, technical soundness, or overall song structure — Weinert is top notch. No argument with this statement is even remotely possible.

Weinert on guitar and guitar synth is joined by Martin Weinert on killer bass. He plays a full, melodic, funked groove of tight bounch and supreme heaviness. Hardy Fischötter slays the drums in precise devastation. Oliver Heuss guests on great keys.

From the opening cut, “Don’t try that again, M.F.” to “Maybe” the ride of ten sonic treats never fails to satisfy. This is a 12+ on a 1-10 scale of “Lame to Awesome”. Yow!

Crunch Time by the Susan Weinert Band pulls out all the stops! Weinert wails and lets “edge” be edge. She makes you sit up and take notice. Her riffs are mean and slick and will make a lot of jazz fusion fans say, “Whoa baby, this lady can flat out jam!” Fans of Tribal Tech and Hendersonic pyrotechnics will love this.

This may be a 1994 release but hey — great music is ageless, so seek this one out today! Highest recommendations!

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