Speedometer – Our Kind Of Movement (2020)

Speedometer - Our Kind Of Movement (2020)
Artist: Speedometer
Album: Our Kind Of Movement
Genre: Funk, Soul
Origin: UK
Released: 2020
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
We Gave Up Too Soon (Feat. Vanessa Jamie) (02:54)
Abuja Sunrise (03:40)
Kashmir (03:55)
Let’s Start A Movement (Feat. James Junior) (03:23)
Edge Of Fear (02:31)
Time To Slow It Down (Feat. Najwa Ezzaher) (03:28)
All In (Feat. Vanessa Jamie) (03:52)
Funky Amigo (03:23)
Mo’ Crunch (04:30)
Look No Further (Feat. Najwa Ezzaher) (03:14)
Mind Escape (03:47)


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