Soulive – Get Down! (1999)

Soulive - Get Down! (1999)
Artist: Soulive
Album: Get Down!
Genre: Jazz-Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 1999
Quality: mp3, 256 kbps

So Live! (7:51)
Uncle Junior (7:17)
Rudy’s Way (6:20)
Cash’s Dream (5:10)
Turn It Out (6:22)
Brother Soul (8:34)
Right On (10:00)


Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Johnny Hammond, and John Patton have all been at the core of some of the legendary organ groups in the history of jazz, and it’s time for the history books to make room for another group of truly talented musicians focused around that wonderful, warm, and expressive instrument. Soulive is considered an organ trio with Neal Evans playing the Hammond B-3 (usually through, the miraculous and luscious Leslie Speaker Cabinet), his brother Alan Evans on the drums, and compatriot Eric Krasno on the electric guitar. Get Down is Soulive’s introductory EP effort and was recorded in March of 1999 at the Soulive Studios in New York City. The group happens to be based out of Vermont, but they’ve traveled and played so extensively around the country that they hesitate to identify themselves with any one particular geographic location. There’s lots to say about Soulive, a lot of which is evident upon hearing the five selections featured on Get Down Not content with simply invoking musical themes similar to those created in part by the originators mentioned above, Soulive can take you back to the heyday of jazz when it was all about “the sound, man, dig the sound.” These cats can really play, and they’ve achieved a balance amongst themselves that makes it a stretch to call this an organ trio — they’re just a hot trio. And while it is easy to say that they produce a sound similar to that of a Jimmy Smith or a John Patton, these three feature a modern sound rooted in hip-hop that none of the aforementioned legends could logistically claim. With the combination of their musical talent and their unique and modern style, this is a strong album that whets your appetite for more Soulive.
Review by Qa’id Jacobs

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