Silver Leaf Jazz Band – Great Composers Of New Orleans Jazz (1997)

Silver Leaf Jazz Band - Great Composers Of New Orleans Jazz (1997)
Artist: Silver Leaf Jazz Band
Album: Great Composers Of New Orleans Jazz
Genre: Dixieland
Origin: USA
Released: 1997
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Papa’s Got The Jim Jams (4:05)
02. Weary City (3:21)
03. Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble (5:43)
04. You Can Have It (I Don’t Want It) (3:05)
05. Ghost Of The Blues (2:05)
06. Isn’t Thee A Little Love (3:58)
07. Everybody Loves Somebody Blues (3:09)
08. Klondyke Blues (4:13)
09. It Belongs To You (3:41)
10. Rambling Blues (2:37)
11. Number Two Blues (4:21)
12. I Must Have It (3:27)
13. Peculiar (3:48)
14. Cookie (3:22)
15. Papa, What You Trying To Do To Me I’ve Been Doing It For Years (4:01)


The most interesting aspect to this fine New Orleans jazz CD is that nearly all of the 15 selections are very obscure songs from the 1916-30 era, including a previously unheard Louis Armstrong composition (“Papa, What You Are Trying to Do to Me I’ve Been Doing It for Years”). Only “Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble” qualifies as a standard; the next best-known are Johnny Dodds’ “Weary City” and Sidney Bechet’s “Ghost of the Blues.” Fortunately, all of these forgotten songs come very much alive when played by cornetist Chris Tyle’s septet, which also includes trombonist Mike Owen, clarinetist Orange Kellin and drummer Hal Smith, and is augmented by an extra horn on three songs. Tyle has the pre-Armstrong styles down very well (he can do effective impressions of King Oliver and Freddie Keppard), and although his occasional vocals are only average, the music is frequently quite exciting, particularly the ensembles. Classic jazz fans will want to get this excellent set.
Review by Scott Yanow

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