Shirley Brown – Diva Of Soul (1999)

Shirley Brown - Diva Of Soul (1999)
Artist: Shirley Brown
Album: Diva Of Soul
Genre: Soul, R&B
Origin: USA
Released: 1999
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
You Ain’t Got To Hide Your Man (4:23)
If You’re Weak Enough (4:58)
Good Loving Man (4:10)
One More Time (5:54)
You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man (5:11)
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (4:20)
Talk To Me (5:38)
Sprung On His Love (4:20)
Better You Go Your Way (5:15)
Leftover Love (5:11)
Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Lovin’ We Got (4:46)
Anticipation (5:20)
A Two-Way Thang (5:27)
Long On Lovin’ (3:08)


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