Sharon Robinson – Caffeine (2015)

Sharon Robinson - Caffeine (2015)
Artist: Sharon Robinson
Album: Caffeine
Genre: Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
The Harder You Look for Love [04:34]
A Fragile Love [05:10]
Strong for Me [04:04]
Lucky [03:54]
Driftwood [04:20]
Caffeine [04:49]
Safe [05:23]
The Storm in Your Eyes [03:47]
One More Song [04:21]
Along for the Ride [04:09]


There is a planet in a parallel universe that listens only to Leonard Cohen songs.

The citizens have never experienced greed, hunger, hatred, deceit and heartache except through Leonard. American Sharon Robinson, who has contributed much to the latterday creative re-emergence of Cohen, would fit right in.

Indeed, her second album references Cohen’s recent work so much in both tone and narrative that you’re left wondering who actually influenced who.

For those who like late-night music that smoulders sensually while simultaneously raking the embers, Caffeine does the job. Songs such as The Harder You Look For Love, The Storm In Your Eyes, Safe and A Fragile Love epitomise delicacy and grace.

Admirers of tougher, edgier music may wish to steer clear.