Shalosh – Rules Of Oppression (2017)

Shalosh - Rules Of Oppression (2017)
Artist: Shalosh
Album: Rules Of Oppression
Genre: Jazz Rock / Fusion
Origin: Israel
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Rules Of Oppression 05:13
Lancaster 06:10
Bond Villain 05:42
Poem Of The Bull 07:15
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues 04:21
Video Games 08:46
Blue Eyed Tattooed Lady 05:37
Interlude 01:03
Don’t You Want Me 05:50


Shalosh is a New York and Israel based, genre-bending, Acoustic, Progressive, raw Jazz band, that has been turning heads of audiences internationally since the release of their debut album “The Bell Garden”. Despite the classic Jazz trio format (piano, bass and drums) and the band members’ deep root in Jazz and improvised music, Shalosh’s music takes its own path across and between genres like Rock, Classical, Electronic, African and Middle Eastern music.

The members of Shalosh have a connection not only through music, but also lifelong friendships. After years of working separately and internationally both as side-men as well as band leaders, the three reunited this year to form a band with its own tight-knit style of their own.

Already in this short time, after producing their debut album, Shalosh has generated a huge buzz around the world. Their music has grabbed attention in Europe, Japan, U.S.A and South America, and has been marked as one of the most prominent promising sounds of years to come.

The band’s agenda is to make music that moves its audience in the greatest way possible, in order to break through the barrier created, between the music and the listener, which is often found in intellectual music of this genre. Shalosh places as much emphasis on their collective sound as individual virtuosity.

Shalosh very much stands out from today’s Jazz scene, mainly due to the fact it is not led by a single artist, but co-led by its three members who enjoy an artistic evolution from years of collaborations and friendship. As a result, Shalosh’s music is derived from a deep place of musical friendship and is aimed towards the deepest and purest place within.