Shakatak – Times And Places (2016)

Shakatak - Times And Places (2016)
Artist: Shakatak
Album: Times And Places
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: UK
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

I Will Be There 04:29
Times And Places 04:16
Check In 03:30
Heads To The Sky 05:41
Haunting 04:25
Carry On 03:38
Coralie 03:43
Capetown 04:48
Goodbye To The City 06:46
Wonderful 04:29
Sand And The Sea 04:26
Open Skies 02:03
How Do You Sleep At Night 03:51
Mr. Fanatical 03:42
Movin’ On 03:37


In the long lasting time of their band history they were welcomed worldwide at countless festivals. This year for example they traveled to Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Serbia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. They have released numerous albums in a period of nearly four decades. We talk about UK’s first ambassadors of Brit Funk, the legendary group Shakatak.

Their new album Times and Places was released in Europe and US in September, 2016 and in Japan already in July. Shakatak are vocalist Jill Seward, keyboardist Bill Sharpe, drummer Roger Odell and bassist George Anderson. Guest musicians on this album are Alan Wormald (guitars), Jacqui Hicks and Debby Bracknell (background vocals), Derek Nash (saxes) and Ron Burgundy (flute).

I Will Be There singer Jill Seward promises in a skillful way of melodic bliss. Bill Sharpe shares the melody with flavored key strokes. On Time And Place Jill spreads her optimistic view of our own fate and personal relationship. Check In displays joy and lightness of heart in Bill’s effortlessness and fluffiness playing the piano in a wonderful flow with some brush pats of Derek Nash on soprano sax.

Heads To The Sky reaches out the gospel of a better world, we can create with our own hands. We have only allow love to touch our hearts. On the soulful ballad Haunting Jill sums up the feelings of a not extinguished passion. Carry On celebrates the emotional win based on such human values as humanitarianism, personal freedom, tolerance and solidarity wrapped in an energetic disco beat pack.

Coralie describes the grow of a beauty which leaves behind her mark in the world of men. Who can capture the splendor of a woman in sounds? The song is very close to the characteristics of acoustic sun rays. Cape Town is a mélange of jazz and pop featuring a tribute to South Africa’s mega city. Supreme prowess of all musicians speaks for itself.

Goodbye To The City is the swan song of a forsaken, who has lost his roots. Wonderful sets to the previous topic a counterpart of vocal jubilation. The group supports singer Jill Seward with smoking instrumentation. On Sand And The Sea the ensemble expresses their affinity for the ocean and for a good life around in a harmonic ebb and flow. Open Skies is an amazing piano interlude by maestro Sharpe.

How Do You Sleep At Night is an elated and swinging song about revenge. The instrumental Mr. Fanatical covers the more progressive side of the formation. With the final Movin’ On the band says Good Bye to their loyal fans with the promise of a hopefully see you soon.

With Times And Places Shakatak present the full potential of an experienced live group. With demanding flawlessness the band delivers another proof of excellence in their continuous career.

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