Sary Khalife & Ayad Khalife – Soobia (2018)

Sary Khalife & Ayad Khalife - Soobia (2018)
Artist: Sary Khalife & Ayad Khalife
Album: Soobia
Genre: World Fusion
Origin: France
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Land of the Lost Nomads
Saraband and Tango
One Way Trip
Wind Rider
And Life Goes On
Feast in Bessarabia


SOOBIA is a fixed image straight out of our childhood reminiscence. A vague memory of a small country house, isolated, dismal, aged prematurely by the cold and snow, and threatened by the hostile elements, to be reduced to dust in a mere instant. Yet, a small detail dispels this bleak, melancholy vision: a frail, crimson smudge dares seep through its windows and panes. The inside appears to be teeming with life, and feeding off extraordinary warmth. In the center of the space, a wood burning stove contaminates, with its gentle light, a few wise individuals who embrace it and each other. The very heart of the stone habitat is an intense fire, tamed by an iron carapace, and infusing a certain joie de vivre which seems suspended in timelessness. A warmth which, beyond any physical property, is primarily human… The scene captures the quintessence of a well-being that has become rather rare these days. We have aimed to transcribe, with our craftsmen-of-sound hands, this authentic and human moment, through 9 stories which artfully blend tradition and openness, and crystallize into SOOBIA the title track of this album, and undoubtedly the most visceral tale of all.