Sarah Buechi – Contradiction Of Happiness (2018)

Sarah Buechi - Contradiction Of Happiness (2018)
Artist: Sarah Buechi
Album: Contradiction Of Happiness
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Modern Creative
Origin: Switzerland
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Child Of Our Times (4:42)
Never Enough (5:49)
After We’ve Kissed (8:01)
Fahamore (Paradise) (8:25)
Wheel Of Temptation (5:23)
Here And Now (5:25)
The Word (7:21)
Snow Trail (7:03)
Schönschte Obigstärn (5:01)


After Flying Letters and Shadow Garden, Sarah Buechi is releasing her third album on Intakt Records, Contradiction of Happiness. She has seized the opportunity to take her music in a new direction, and has augmented her superb quartet – with pianist Stefan Aeby, bassist André Pousaz and drummer Lionel Friedli – with the addition of three string players.

“The results are extremely convincing.” writes Manfred Papst in the liner notes. “She demonstrates once again that her compositions are far more than run-of-the mill songs with verses, rhymes and a chorus. They are ingeniously structured mini-dramas in which complex stories are told in a confined space. They are poetically dense, with vocal beauty and an enormous spectrum of expression. Their music is sophisticated, thoughtful, but also very sensual. The wonderful ‘After We’ve Kissed’ on the new album is the best example of this.“