Sandro Dominelli – Here and Now (2018)

Sandro Dominelli - Here and Now (2018)
Artist: Sandro Dominelli
Album: Here and Now
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Origin: Canada
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Here and Now 05:32
Spiralling Inzio/Concetto 05:04
Unconscious 06:58
D.H. 04:03
Through the Trees 05:23
Prayer for Peace 03:33
Joker and Wild 04:54
Alternative Facts 06:47
Exodus 05:39


Consider the flexible triangle, the jazz trio. There’s something special, even elemental about this most intimate of musical geometric figures to permit a far-ranging conversation. It can vibrate and shape shift and still stick together despite the push and pull of disparate forces in each corner. All that comes through wonderfully in this second meeting of Sandro Dominelli with bassist Chris Tarry and guitarist Rez Abbasi.

The path of Dominelli’s music has been heavily infused by Latin American and Eastern cultures. A talent for intuitively feeling the rhythmic structure of the music and an interest in creating new intricate and culturally-influenced rhythms sparked a long standing career in music practice and composition. Through The Trees enjoys a subtly creepy undertone. Here And Now speaks of the zen way to live in the moment. Spiralling is about maintaining control in the face of chaos, while Joker And Wild is about letting loose. D.H. pays tribute to a jazz master, loosely inspired by a bass figure from Dave Holland. Ernest Gold’s theme from the 1960 film Exodus takes a circular melodic motif, bringing the trio’s journey to a majestic close.