Royal Crown Revue – Walk On Fire (1999)

Royal Crown Revue - Walk On Fire (1999)
Artist: Royal Crown Revue
Album: Walk On Fire
Genre: Retro Swing
Origin: USA
Released: 1999
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

She Walks On Fire (2:38)
Watts Local (3:33)
Trapped (In The Web Of Love) (3:17)
Watcha Doin’ Tonight (Sam’s Calling) (2:26)
Besame Mija (Baille Para Qui) (3:11)
The Stranger (3:41)
Hey Sonny (Where’d You Go?) (3:31)
A Bronx Hello (2:44)
Beware (2:22)
One Eyed Cat (4:00)
Take A Long Drink For Me (5:36)
Mr. Meschugge (3:23)


As the roster of swing revival bands increased with the popularity of the movement, Royal Crown Revue remained a pioneer of the style and sound. Drawing from roots as diverse as jazz, punk, and street-corner doo-wop, this band was making the scene in all its ’40s-Americana glory when hair and grunge bands were center-stage in the late ’80s. WALK ON FIRE, the group’s fifth release, is a continuation of Royal Crown Revue’s winning formula.

“Besame Mija” has flashy, Latin-spiced horns and dreamy surfer guitar that act as a perfect sonic palette for the Sinatra-styled crooning of vocalist Eddie Nichols. Royal Crown Revue has an infectious knack for writing swing music without it sounding forced or stale. The group’s use of vintage musical instruments and microphones for recording WALK ON FIRE has created a sound that is as classy as it is authentic. “Hey Sonny (Where’d You Go?)” and “She Walks on Fire” wouldn’t sound the least bit out of character if they had been performed by the likes of Glenn Miller or Duke Ellington. With WALK ON FIRE, these L.A. hipsters walk the walk and talk the talk.

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