Roberto Fonseca – ABUC (2016)

Roberto Fonseca - ABUC (2016)
Artist: Roberto Fonseca
Album: ABUC
Genre: Afro-Cuban Jazz
Origin: Havana, Cuba
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Cubano Chant (4:27)
Afro Mambo (3:45)
Tumbao de la Unidad (3:52)
Contradanza del Espiritu (5:41)
Tierra Santa (3:47)
Sagrado Corazon (4:34)
Family (4:23)
Tierra Santa Santiago de Cuba (0:56)
Habanera (5:01)
Soul Guardians (3:39)
Asere Monina Bonco (4:09)
Despues (3:39)
Velas y Flores (3:41)
Cubano Chant (Piano Solo) (1:20)


Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca is doing with the music of his homeland what US pioneers like Robert Glasper are doing with jazz – drilling down into the roots of the music, examining the influences that created the current generation, but doing it without nostalgia or slavish imitation.

Instead, there is a thrilling sense of immediacy, of different currents converging on the present, and of a musician who is organically connected to his roots.

Fonseca – as well connected, spiritually and literally, to the Cuban piano tradition as it’s possible to be – casts his net wide, touching on Afro Beat, Keith Jarrett, samba, hip-hop, R&B, funk and disco, but the heart of ABUC (read it backwards) is a vivid exposition of all that is alive and intoxicating about the Afro-Cuban tradition.