Rob Zinn – Walk The Walk (2018)

Rob Zinn - Walk The Walk (2018)
Artist: Rob Zinn
Album: Walk The Walk
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Walk The Walk (Feat. Andrew Neu) (4:08)
Wherever You Are (Feat. Andrew Neu) (4:44)
Journey Of The Heart (4:53)
Yesterday Love (3:52)
Blue Night (Feat. Paul Brown) (4:39)
Never Gonna Give Up On You (Feat. Paul Brown) (3:44)
I Can See It In Your Eyes (4:17)
Summer Nights (Feat. Michael Paulo) (4:46)
11Th Hour (3:47)
Could It Be You (3:52)


Seldom do artists come along with a debut solo album one year, follow that up with the sophomore release less than two years later, and both turn out to be wonderful and filled to the brim with well-produced, well-conceived tracks. Seldom will I go out on a limb and proclaim that such an artist will be among the elite artists in no time flat. Well, such is the case with trumpeter Rob Zinn, an artist who clearly has a vision and a knack for catchy, delicious melodies, strong hooks, and a solid body of work.

Joined here on Zinn’s new Walk the Walk release, as he was on the debut Zinn release, is saxman Andrew Neu. The album also features prolific guitarist/composer/producer Paul Brown, bassist Roberto Vally, saxman Michael Paulo, keyboardists Jeff Carruthers and Lew Laing (just to name a few). Needless to say, Zinn comes loaded for bear as he strolls through this solid set of tracks guaranteed to impress, seduce, and entice.

The trumpeter sets it all off with the sassy hook-rick lead and title track featuring Neu’s sax, following that with “Wherever You Are,” a sultry, easy walk again featuring Neu and a cool hook; “Journey of the Heart,” a coolly sweet, alluring, and romantic track; and “Blue Night,” a bluesy, kinda funky and easy saunter beckoning you over to that easy chair in your mind. This gem features Brown’s slick guitar work. These are just a few of the jewels found here.

The entire album is simply chock full of swells, lulls, subtle funk, and just great grooves you can only get from one who knows his/her way around not only their instrument but the music they have chosen to honor. Trust me, Zinn’s feel for what he does and what you want is crystal clear here. This cat truly walks the walk and is here to stay. Grab this one, and celebrate that he has chosen to be part of this wondrous experience we call contemporary jazz. – Ronald Jackson