Richard Smith – Tangos (2014)

Richard Smith - Tangos (2014)
Artist: Richard Smith
Album: Tangos
Genre: Smooth Jazz, Tango
Origin: USA
Released: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Tango, Fire and Sea (5:33)
Cabina Dolce (4:01)
Love Until the Night Collapses (4:59)
K-Sand Tango (5:01)
Nuvo Tango (5:00)
Tango Crimes (3:24)
Tango Go-Go (3:04)
Cedars and Solitude (5:07)


As one of the finer artists in the world of contemporary jazz, veteran guitarist Richard Smith has taken a break in his global travels to present another charming project calleRichard Smith CDd Tangos.

I especially remember SOuLIDIFIED and Flow and how wonderfully produced they were with lots of classy chops and hooks. Tangos rises to that established standard with a new twist and flavor.

Having earned the respect of so many of his peers including Peter White, Eric Marienthal, Dan Siegel, Kenny G, and Richard Elliot (with whom he played guitar for 10 years and recorded 6 #1 albums), Smith’s credentials speak for themselves.

With this project, the guitarist flaunts an exotic, international side of himself as he charms with eight tracks of Latin- and European-tinged originals that speak the universal language of love and passion. Having travelled to 11 countries in 2 years collaborating with international all-stars, then employing his own skills on not only guitar but mandolin, bass, and hybrid instruments here, Smith has virtually ensured the album’s attractiveness to the world/contemporary jazz communities everywhere.

There is much listening fun here. There’s the irresistibly exotic and passionate “Tango, Fire, and Sea”); the high-stepping and jazzier “Cabrina Dolce;” one that calls for moonlight, romance, and a single rose and champagne at a table on a balcony overlooking the lights of some enchanted getaway (“Love Until the Night Collapses”) – yes, I got all of that from this track; and, there is even the edginess of funk, as well (“K-Sand Tango” and, in a sexier funky vein, “Nuvo’ Tango” with its sassy guitar riffs).

Without a doubt an aural treat, Tangos offers a global perspective on an artist long noted for having a great sense of the vibe that moves the discriminating music lover. – Ronald Jackson