Red Baraat – Sound the People (2018)

Red Baraat - Sound the People (2018)
Artist: Red Baraat
Album: Sound the People
Genre: Brass Funk, World Fusion
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Next Level 04:12
Kala Mukhra 03:01
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai 06:10
Vibrations 02:06
Sound the People 03:42
Moray Gari Suno 05:21
Ghadar Machao 04:38
Holi Ke Din 07:33
Punjaub March 03:19


What is multiculturalism? For me, it is the meeting of historical and locational traditions to create a new, overarching culture; one that can be seen as more enlightening, inclusive, and vast. “Multiethnic” can be a divisive term. Some hatefully see it as their nightmare, while others see it as opportunity for fun. Red Baraat will be considered the latter, and their newest album, Sound The People, proves equalizing and interacting various cultures might, finally, bring humanity what it has always wanted: love.

With spoken word excerpts promoting the idea of humanity like a vibe; to Red Baraat some humans catch a darker frequency while others catch a lighter one, but a message is being sent: love is happiness and hate is darkness. Such a powerful message deserves the most bombastic display of worldy sounds. “Punjaub March (ft. John Hodgman)”, “Ghadar Machao”, and “Vibrations (ft. Suheir Hammad)” make you feel like you are traveling from South America to Asia and making sure you make multiple pitstops throughout the Middle East. Such fusions of sounds make Sound The People and undeniably rhythmic album that, again, promotes the idea of people uniting to not only create a better world…. but a funner one.

Maybe, it is me, but I see a Pride Parade or Holi Festival and I am READY TO DANCE and join in on the joy, but flash me a KKK rally and I am looking for cover/sage. Unity is exciting and enlivening, and every string, percussive, and horned instrument represents that fusing together is more special than being divided apart. With an array of special guests, Sound The People proves a global force is a cosmic one. From “Kala Mukhra (ft. Ali Sethi)” to “Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai,” Red Baraat’s capacity to astrally project you through the universe by using the music of this earth makes Sound The People one of the most exciting, recent releases.