Red Baraat – Gaadi Of Truth (2015)

Red Baraat - Gaadi Of Truth (2015)
Artist: Red Baraat
Album: Gaadi Of Truth
Genre: Brass Funk, World Fusion
Origin: USA
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Gaadi Of Truth [00:05:40]
Horizon Line [00:03:59]
Call To Now [00:00:59]
Zindabad (Featuring Mandeep Sethi) [00:05:03]
Bhangale (Featuring Steve Marion) [00:03:33]
Crown Of Spade [00:04:27]
Rang Barse [00:07:12]
Layers [00:04:48]
Bhangra Pirates [00:05:10]
Se Hace Camino [00:04:39]
Akhiyan Udeek Diyan [00:06:22]
Layers (Karsh Kale Remix) [00:07:20]
Horizon Line (Lost In The Trees Remix) [00:03:42]


Blending the heart of Bhangra with the soul of New Orleans brass is the Brooklyn-based dhol n’ brass party band, Red Baraat. Their newest of three albums, Gaadi of Truth is an unadulterated party, and you’re invited! The dhol (the lead instrument of Red Baraat) is one of the most predominant drums in Punjabi music and is the pulse of the music from Bollywood. The band’s sound is an international musical fusion that achieves an infectious unity, second-to-none.

Founded by dhol player/singer/composer Sunny Jain, Red Baraat have been regulars in the festival circuit since being branded as “one of the best party bands around” by NPR in 2011. Their live show is the quintessential destination for a festive experience, and Red Baraat always delivers an unforgettable performance. Gaadi of Truth encapsulates this celebratory vibe flawlessly. From the jovial essence of Bhangra Pirates,” “Akhiyan Udeek Diyan” and the opening title track, to the easy, soulful sounds of “Horizon Line“ and “Layers,” Red Baraat’s latest effort is an all-encompassing World music masterwork.

Special guests appear throughout the album, such as rapper, Mandeep Sethi on the standout track, “Zindabad.” The lyrics evoke a strong social conscience and a spirit of communal awakening. “All my sisters breaking your chains, get your fist up,” spouts a passionate Sethi, “All my brothers ready for change, get your fist up!” This revolutionary fever is consistent throughout the album. The highly-festive title track also features some fiery rapping vocals touching on issues of racial profiling toward the end of the song.

The fifth track, “Crown of Spades” brings forward some of the fastest percussion on the album, while the following, “Rang Barse” starts off slow with the quiet sound of sitar and then gradually shifts gears into a rousing musical jubilee. Guitar virtuoso, Steve Marion (AKA Delicate Steve) is yet another special appearance on the rapid-fire, ass-shaking song, “Bhangale.” His guitar-work compliments the track brilliantly and adds an interesting additional element to this already-diverse eight-piece band. The album concludes with two remixed versions of “Layers” and “Horizon Line.”

Gaadi of Truth is true party music, from start to finish. Great for festivals, great for dancing and great for summer; which is right around the corner. The festival season is fast approaching and Red Baraat’s newest release has arrived just in time. Enjoy the party!
By Joseph Conlon