Rebecca Kilgore – Moonshadow Dance (2016)

Rebecca Kilgore - Moonshadow Dance (2016)
Artist: Rebecca Kilgore
Album: Moonshadow Dance
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. I Live In A Condo 03:41
02. One Little Kiss 02:44
03. The Day I Learned French 04:11
04. In A World Made Small 03:25
05. One More Time To Say Goodbye 04:16
06. Aeolian Shade 03:17
07. Swing Me Low 03:03
08. Moonshadow Dance 03:24
09. Birthday Song, Generic 02:14
10. Cantando O Amor 03:05
11. You Make It Look So Easy 03:10
12. Um Minuto A Mais 03:27
13. I’m Not Susceptible To Love 03:54
14. To Have, To Hold, To Love 04:39
15. Cantando O Amor (Reprise) 03:24
16. That’s It! 02:56


From the reflective musings of “One More Time to Say Goodbye” to the catchy ditty “The Day I Learned French,” vocalist Rebecca Kilgore shapes enchanting excursions on her latest offering Moonshadow Dance from Cherry Pie Music. A mixture of torchlight-tinged cabaret and bossa nova imbued atmospherics, the music wraps the listener in warm jazz tones reminiscent of after dinner clubs that call people into its cozy abode.

Kilgore collaborates with composer-arranger-vibraphonist Mike Horsfall and composer Ellen Vanderslice, creating a smooth jazz collection that speaks to the part of the human spirit which continues to dream and rises above the downturns along life’s rocky path. Her vocals display an upbeat attitude that in the face of a travesty can lift listeners out of their troubles.

The silky glide of Kilgore’s vocals through “Swing Me Low” moves in time with the bubbly Latin beats producing a merengue-style strut. Emanating silkiness is a recurring theme in these tracks as the bluesy intonations of Kilgore’s vocals in the title track caress Todd Strait’s brushed drums strokes and Horsfall’s traipsing vibraphone chimes. Every curve of her vocal nuances display an elegant edge from the frolicking pace of “Birthday Song” to the lulling swells of “One Little Kiss.”

The Latin accents in the rhythmic beats of “Cantando o Amor” and “You Make It Look So Easy” bask the tracks in lively vibrations that inspire listeners to dance. The smooth vocal tones illuminating “Um Minuto a Mais” have an alluring, creamy texture, which changes to a flirtatious glint in “I’m Not Susceptible to Love.” The wistful mood of “To Have, to Hold, to Love” has an aura of romance as Kilgore vows, “Let forever start with this / Sealing our promise with a kiss.”

The tracks have a classic jazz tint that is representative of standards from the Great American Songbook. Every song is harmoniously strewn, embellished with melodic trimmings and vocals that can calm the savage beast. Introspective, enchanting, and intimate, Moonshadow Dance offers balmy excursions that each have a happy ending.