Ray Charles – King of Cool: The Genius of Ray Charles (2014)

Ray Charles - King Of Cool (2014)
Artist: Ray Charles
Album: King of Cool: The Genius of Ray Charles
Genre: R&B, Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Disk 1:
01. Mess Around (Remastered Version)
02. I ve Got A Woman (Remastered Version)
03. Roll With My Baby (Remastered LP Version)
04. Greenbacks (Remastered Version)
05. Sinner s Prayer (Remastered LP Version)
06. The Sun s Gonna Shine Again (Remastered LP Version)
07. It Should ve Been Me (Remastered Version)
08. Jumpin In The Morning (Remastered LP Version)
09. This Little Girl Of Mine (Remastered Version)
10. Don t You Know (Remastered Version)
11. I Wonder Who (Remastered LP Version)
12. The Midnight Hour (Remastered LP Version)
13. I Got A Break Baby(Remastered LP Version)
14. Funny (But I Still Love You) (Remastered LP Version)
15. Losing Hand (Remastered Version)
16. Doodlin (Remastered LP Version)
17. Mary Ann (Remastered Version)
18. Hard Times [No One Knows Better Than I] (Remastered Version)
19. Nobody Cares (Remastered LP Version)
20. Leave My Woman Alone (Remastered Version)
21. Ain t That Love (Remastered Version)
22. Dawn Ray (Remastered LP Version)
23. It s Alright (Remastered Version)
24. Come Back Baby (Remastered LP Version)
25. Drown In My Own Tears (Remastered Version)

Disk 2:
01. Hallelujah I Love Her So (Remastered Version)
02. You Be My Baby (Remastered SingleLP Version)
03. Georgia On My Mind
04. Lonely Avenue (Remastered Version)
05. Get On The Right Track Baby (Remastered SingleLP Version)
06. That s Enough (Remastered Version)
07. Swanee River Rock (Talkin Bout That River) (Remastered Version)
08. My Bonnie (Remastered SingleLP Version)
09. What Kind Of Man Are You (Remastered SingleLP Version)
10. Blackjack (Remastered Version)
11. The Ray (Remastered LP Version)
12. Talkin About You (Remastered SingleLP Version)
13. Tell All The World About You (Remastered SingleLP Version)
14. Unchain My Heart
15. Tell The Truth (Remastered Version)
16. I Had A Dream (Remastered SingleLP Version)
17. The Genius After Hours
18. Carryin That Load (Remastered Single Version)
19. I Want To Know (Remastered SingleLP Version)
20. What Would I Do Without You (Remastered Version)
21. Yes Indeed! (Remastered SingleLP Version)
22. Bag s Guitar Blues (Remastered Mono LP Version)
23. I Want A Little Girl (Remastered SingleLP Version)
24. I ve Got A Woman (Remastered Live At Newport Jazz)
25. What I d Say (Remastered Live, 1959)

Disk 3:
01. What d I Say Parts I & II (Remastered Stereo LP Version)
02. Hit The Road Jack
03. I m Movin On (Remastered Version)
04. Night Time Is The Right Time (Remastered LP Version)
05. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Remastered LP Version)
06. A Fool For You (Remastered Version)
07. It Had To Be You (Remastered LP Version)
08. Let The Good Times Roll (Remastered Version)
09. Tell Me How Do You Feel (Remastered LP Version)
10. I Believe To My Soul (Remastered Version)
11. Tell Me You ll Wait For Me (Remastered LP Version)
12. Early In The Morning (Remastered SingleLP Version)
13. Alexander s Ragtime Band (Remastered LP Version)
14. You Won t Let Me Go (Remastered LP Version)
15. Just For A Thrill (Remastered Version)
16. Don t Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Remastered Version)
17. When Your Lover Has Gone (Remastered LP Version)
18. Am I Blue (Remastered LP Version)
19. Deed I Do (Remastered LP Version)
20. Two Years Of Torture (Remastered LP Version)
21. Sinner s Prayer (Rehearsal Session with Ahmet Ertegun, 1953)
22. Tell Me How Do You Feel (Take 1 Recording Session, 1958)
23. Let The Good Times Roll & Dialog (Ray s Arrangement Suggestions)