Ramsey Lewis – Hot Dawgit: The Anthology The Columbia Years (2016)

Ramsey Lewis - Hot Dawgit: The Anthology The Columbia Years (2016)
Artist: Ramsey Lewis
Album: Hot Dawgit: The Anthology The Columbia Years
Genre: Soul / Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
CD 1 – What It Is! (1972-1977):
Slipping Into Darkness (6:18)
Eternal Peace (2:35)
Kufanya Mapenzi (Making Love) (5:15)
What It Is! (2:38)
Hang On Sloopy (Funky Reggae Style) (2:13)
Hi-Heel Sneakers (2:39)
Wade In The Water (2:45)
The Everywhere Calypso (2:58)
Summer Breeze (4:50)
Hot Dawgit (3:00)
Tambura (2:53)
Sun Goddess (8:27)
Jungle Strut (2:22)
That’s The Way Of The World (5:44)
What’s The Name Of This Funk (Spider Man) (3:19)
Don’t It Feel Good (5:22)
Brazilica (7:15)
Spring High (3:32)
Tequila Mockingbird (5:26)

CD 2 – So Much More (1978-1989):
All The Way Live (4:27)
Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In (5:48)
Wearin’ It Out (3:20)
Whisper Zone (3:02)
Come Back Jack (3:38)
So Much More (4:10)
Lakeshore Cowboy (3:27)
You Never Know (4:38)
Sassy Stew (6:47)
Up Where We Belong (3:58)
The Two Of Us (4:33)
Midnight Rendezvous (3:53)
Quiet Storm (4:15)
This Ain’t No Fantasy (4:15)
Slow Dancin’ (4:16)
7-11 (4:14)
My Love Will Lead You Home (6:15)
Eye On You (4:04)


37 tracks from Ramsey Lewis’ 17-year tenure at Columbia, this anthology includes most of his big tunes. The classic ‘Sun Goddess’ is the highlight in all its 8-minute full length glory. Other standouts include ‘Brazilica’, ‘Spring High’, ‘Slipping Into Darkness’, ‘That’s The Way Of The World’, ‘Tequila Mockingbird’ and ‘Sassy Stew’ with Grover Washington Jr. There are 3 tunes from the collaboration with Nancy Wilson including ‘The Two Of Us’. Excellent selection