Pink Turtle – Pop in Swing (2008)

Pink Turtle - Pop in Swing (2008)
Artist: Pink Turtle
Album: Pop in Swing
Genre: Swing / Neo-Swing / Pop-Jazz
Origin: France
Released: 2008
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. How deep is your love [00:02:37]
02. Walk on the wild side [00:04:04]
03. Smoke on the Water [00:05:04]
04. Logical song [00:04:09]
05. Hotel California [00:06:49]
06. Money [00:03:40]
07. Every breath you take [00:03:18]
08. Highway to Hell [00:03:53]
09. Another Brick in the Wall [00:04:28]
10. Love is all [00:03:21]
11. We are the champions [00:03:11]
12. Owner of a lonely heart [00:05:06]
13. Don’t know why [00:03:29]


Like fellow ’40s and ’50s revivalists the Puppini Sisters and the Baseballs, French seven-piece vocal group Pink Turtle perform swing/jazz interpretations of contemporary pop songs. Their 2008 debut, Pop in Swing, focuses mainly on the sounds of the ’70s as they tackle prog rock (Yes’ “Owner of a Lonely Heart”), heavy metal (AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”) and disco-pop (Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love”), alongside reworkings of tracks by Deep Purple, Supertramp, and the Eagles.
Review by Jon O’Brien